Pieter Sneep

Company Of Wizards is a punk/indie one-man-band by singer/songwriter Pieter Sneep. A international network of friends help out recording and playing tunes live. Brewing in the cauldron is a wild mix of punk, indie and metal.

A Nomad

Living a nomadic life as a snowboard instructor there is no base to call home for the wizardly company: recording happens on the road, in bedrooms, cars or whatever else is available across countries like New Zealand, Japan and the Netherlands. Everything DIY, making the most out of little - staying true to the punk roots.

Full debut album out 12-05-2021!

Lyric videos

All lyric videos can be found on my YouTube channel!
Not Here For The Music

Not Here For The Music

Stare At The Light

Stare At The Light

The Sound Of Bridges Burning

The Sound Of Bridges Burning

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